Daniel W. Bythewood, Sr.

Serving as La Cité’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Bythewood, Sr. was a real estate investor and managing partner in Neptune Capital LLC, a limited liability company that invested in emerging new economy companies. He was an investor and limited partner in Flag Luxury Properties LLC, a real estate development company that was responsible for constructing high-end properties for the Marriott Group in the United States. One project, the Miami South Beach Ritz-Carlton, is a 375-room hotel and spa with banquet facilities, specialty restaurants and luxury retail stores, which opened in 2002. Another development is the Ritz-Carlton Club in Jupiter, Florida. Dan Bythewood, Sr. participated in raising money for investment into these projects. During the mid 1980s, Dan, Sr. established Wildwood Gaming, Inc., a riverboat gaming corporation seeking riverboat gaming licenses within the United States. In addition, he owned and operated Jet Routes Unlimited, a private jet charter service with contracts with ABC Sports and Jim Henson Properties. The company was sold in the early eighties, and Dan Bythewood, Sr. served as its President and Chief Operating Officer.