La Cité Development was founded by Dan Bythewood Jr., Dan Bythewood Sr., Khephra Burns and Susan Taylor. Prior to forming La Cité Development, the founders developed, managed and invested in over $600 million worth of real estate throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, South Beach and Chicago with the valuation exceeding $1.5 billion. Their development activities were in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors and included commercial and residential properties for companies such as the Ritz-Carlton, Flag Luxury Properties, and the New York Equity Fund.
With over 50 years of development experience, the partners at La Cité Development have leveraged their extensive network of strategic relationships to put together a team of seasoned development and construction professionals focused on developing and renovating properties in markets throughout the United States and abroad. The company’s expertise in real estate investment, syndication and limited liability partnerships, coupled with their extensive experience with public partnerships and master planning for large-scale projects, makes La Cité Development a formidable market player within the development industry. With a flexible corporate infrastructure, La Cité will continue to evolve as unique development opportunities present themselves.